UPNext Music Group is an Australian business that makes high-quality audio and video production affordable and kid-safe. UPNext produces music, dance, and inspirational videos during the school holidays.

In 2016, Alisha Swinton founded UPNext Music Group. Her mission is to help other parents make a high-quality video of their child at an affordable price.

The idea for UPNext came after Alisha’s own struggles to get a music video produced for her daughter Olivia. The two-year journey started when Olivia auditioned for the reality TV show The Voice Kids.


After the show aired, Olivia wanted to write and record a song for her friend Millie Flamm, who had recently died of cancer. The process should have been straightforward. Instead, it was complex, confusing, and expensive. Alisha spent nearly $10,000 on her daughter’s first music video.


Alisha started UPNext to streamline the video production process and make it affordable without compromising quality. She does this using the power of group buying. UPNext brings in leading videographers and music producers, reserves some of the best recording studios, and makes it all available to the kids who enrol in its school holiday program. The end result is that parents get a professionally-produced music or dance video for up to 80% less than Alisha spent on her daughter’s first music video.

UPNext has made more than 60 videos in its first year of operation. It continues to produce music and dance videos for parents of talented Australian kids.

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We never want to forget why Olivia wanted to make a music video.  So, we create an Inspire Video each term for a terminally ill child. We start by finding out our Inspire child's favourite song. Then, we bring in celebrities and collaborate with all the kids from UPNext. The best part is unvieling the video to the child, which we share on YouTube. These videos are also used to set up a fundraising campaign on behalf of these children as well as to raise awareness about their conditions. 

Please check out some of our Inspire videos below.