Inspire Video


Inspire Video

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dates: 14 Jan - 17 Jan 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM*

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Ages 8 - 18 / Year 3 - 12

Are you ready to make a difference during the school holidays? The Inspire Video program is for kids who want to sing and dance, or just have fun and do good. We team up kids with celebrities to create a surprise video to a terminally ill child’s favourite song. You will collaborate with top producers and videographers to record and shoot a video to inspire a kid suffering from a life-threatening illness. Parents will join us at the end of day 3 for a sneak peak of the Inspire Video, nibbles, and stories.

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When you book your spot in a Music Video program or a Dance Video program you will automatically be part of the Inspire Video production for free.

* Early drop-off or late-pick-up may be required on the day of filming