A unique 4-day school holiday program

UPNext gives kids in Sydney an opportunity to experience the magic of professional video production. We produce music, dance, and inspirational videos of kids ages 8-18.


Record at Forbes Street Studios

We partner with Forbes Street Studios in Woolloomooloo, NSW. Forbes Street Studios is a premier recording studio, backed by Universal Music Australia. It’s used by major-label and independent recording artists. Forbes Street Studios opened in 2016 after an expert design and features amazing acoustics and modern equipment.

Forbes Street Studios
150 William Street
Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

4 reasons kids love our programs

  1. Immersive Experience: Kids see firsthand what it takes to make a professional video.
  2. Meet and Mingle: Kids rub elbows with celebrities and industry professionals.
  3. Cherished memories: Kids make friends who share an interest in music and entertainment.
  4. Do Good: Kids learn to give back to people in need by creating a music video for a terminally ill child.

4 reasons parents love our programs

  1. Kid-safe: We never allow kids to use explicit songs, wear suggestive clothes, or perform inappropriate movements. Plus, each staff member has a current Working With Children Check, police check and first aid training.
  2. High Quality: We only contract with experienced professionals for music production, videography, and hair and makeup. We use the best facilities and the best equipment.
  3. Affordable: We use group buying and a streamlined process. The result is first-class video production for up to 90%** cheaper than comparable options.
  4. Founded by a mum: In 2016, Alisha Swinton founded UPNext with a mission to help other mums make a high-quality video of their child at an affordable price. The idea for UPNext came after Alisha’s own struggles to get a music video produced for her daughter Olivia. The process should have been straightforward. Instead, it was complex, confusing, and expensive, ultimately costing over $10,000.

January school holiday programs in Sydney

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What is a school holiday program?

There are 4 breaks during the Australian school year where kids can sign up for fun activities, travel, or hang out with friends. If you are not away on holidays, UPNext is one of the most unique, inspiring and fun holiday programs in Australia!

When are school holidays in Sydney?

Sydney follows the New South Wales school holiday schedule, which changes from year to year.

For 2018 the NSW holidays are:

Term 1: April 14 (Sat)- April 30 (Mon)

Term 2: July 7 (Sat)- July 22 (Mon)

Term 3: Sept 29 (Sat)- Oct 14th (Mon)

Term 4: Dec 22 (Sat)- Jan 29th (Wed)

For 2019 the NSW holidays are:

Term 1: April 13 (Sat)- April 29 (Sun)

Term 2: July 6 (sat)- July 22 (Mon)

Term 3: Sept 28 (Sat)- Oct 13th (Sun)

Term 4: Dec 19 (Thurs)- Jan 27th (Mon)

How does an UPNext school holiday program work?

Each program runs for 4 consecutive days. Classes start on a Monday and finish on a Thursday. Some classes may start on a Tuesday and finish on a Friday, if there is a public holiday. Not all options are available for every school holiday or location. Available options are shown during registration.

What times do we start and finish each day?

Most days, we start at 9 am and finish at 4 pm. On the day we film, we may have to start earlier or end later depending on sunrise, sunset, and weather conditions. We will keep you updated during program week. Also, on the last day, we invite parents to come view the screening at 4 pm and join in some nibbles.

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* Early drop-off or late-pick-up may be required on the day of filming
** Based on internal research and analysis. Cost of comparable music video production in Australia is $15,500.