Can’t stop singing?

You love music. You’ve been singing along to your favourite songs for as long as you can remember. You hum the verses and belt out the chorus. You can sing by yourself or with others. You’re a closet performer or the king of karaoke. You. Love. Singing. What’s next?

You’re UPNext.

The time has come for you to professionally showcase what you can do. During the school holidays, we put you behind the microphone and in front of the camera. Your vocal talent is on display. When we're done, you get a professionally produced music video you can share. The music video showcases all of your talent with high-quality audio and video, digitally recorded and edited by leading producers and videographers in the industry at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how it works.


Day one. Record.

Record in one of our affiliate recording studios, exclusively used by record labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner Music. Use microphones that have set the industry standard since the music business began. Work directly with one of our top music producers who will be your sound engineer, vocal coach, and advisor. Be prepared to record multiple takes. You will sing the song all the way through, as well as sing drop-ins, descants and harmonies. Our music producer will help guide and push you to sound your best. After your session, we'll make the demo you will sing along to during your music video shoot.


Day two. Shoot.

Video production actually starts before you arrive on day one. We scout locations based on your song selection. We check weather forecasts and coordinate timing for a dusk or dawn video shoot. This ensures we get magical golden sunlight – a colour of light that only a sunrise or sunset produces. When you arrive on location, our professional hair and make-up artist will make you look your best. You will work directly with experienced videographers who have filmed for MTV, The Piano Guys, and Devinsupertramp. We shoot with REDs & Phantom 4 drones – the leading professional digital cinema camera technology – because the video quality is phenomenal.


Post production. Mix.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 5.19.06 PM.png

Our music producer starts off the post production process. Multiple audio tracks are mixed together by choosing the best vocals every 5 seconds. We send you a fully edited music track along with an edit sheet in case you want to make additional changes. With the final audio track approved by YOU, the videographer syncs up the vocals to the video and picks the best shots, to create a first draft of your music video. Again, we send it to you, along with an edit sheet, so you can make any tweaks before your final approval.


Upload it. Play.

We will send you a complete production package that includes compressed (MP3) and high-definition (WAV) audio files and an MP4 video file. You can upload and share your audio and video online to your own social media channels. We will also upload and promote your video on our social media channels.


These kids have done it.

Sienna 4.png
After recording and filming with UPNext, the producers invited me to be interviewed on the radio and share my music for everyone to hear. It was pretty cool!
— Sienna Perruzza (Perth)
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 1.35.21 AM.png
I had no idea making a music video was so complex. I learned so much from helping out with the other kids on set, from holding a reflector to being a runner, by the time it was my turn I knew exactly what to do and not to do!
— Angus S. (Sydney)
Dance With Me 2.00_00_49_03.Still004.jpg
After sharing my video online, I had over 150,000 views in just 3 months. I couldn’t believe so many people liked it. Lots of people asked to see more, so I am definitely coming back.
— Olivia Swinton (London)

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  Coming soon!   Brisbane, Australia

Coming soon!

Brisbane, Australia


Questions? Here are some we commonly get.


I've already recorded the audio, can I just shoot the video?

Absolutely! Just sign up for our video only option during checkout. We will contact you for the audio before filming. If the audio is not up to our UPNext recording standard we will contact you about additional editing as we like to make sure everything we release is AMAZING.

What song should I sing?

You get to pick! After you signup, we will ask you ‘what song you plan to sing’ and ‘if you have a backing track.’ Many kids arrive with a backing track they have practiced to with their vocal coach. If you do not have a backing track, we will send you one for you to begin practicing with. Backing tracks are typically downloaded from iTunes or other karaoke sites at a cost of $1.99 to $2.99 and then transposed to the necessary key to fit your voice.

What if a backing track is not available?

Many popular songs have a backing track, but not every song. There are also times when a backing track is available, but not suitable. This is common when kids want to sing a simplified version of a song with acoustic guitar or piano. In these instances, we can make one for you at an additional cost.

Can you make a backing track for me?

Yes. There is an additional cost for custom backing tracks and it varies depending on how many instruments you use. We can easily make it for you, but we need two weeks notice, and you need time to practice with it, so reach out early.

Can I sing an original song?

Yes! We love original songs. If you have already recorded an original song and just want to shoot the music video, select that option when booking. If your original song is in demo mode, you will need to record the backing track before you arrive on day 1 for your vocal studio session.

How do I get to the filming location?

If it’s early in the morning (sunrise), parents drop off on-location and we will transport you back to the recording studio. If it’s late afternoon (sunset), we will transport you from the studio and your parents will pick you up on-location.

Can my parents watch?

No. We tried that and it failed miserably. Kids get more stressed out when parents are watching. Parents also try to give direction, which is sometimes contrary to what the videographer is telling the kid to do. So, we limit the distractions and the kids perform their best. Parents will be able to see the first draft of the music video and they can make any changes they like.

What do I do while I am waiting to shoot?

You can actually help other kids shoot their video. Hold speakers, reflectors, or work as runners. It’s fun!

Can I film at multiple locations?

Yes. Although each additional location will incure an additional cost.

What audio and video can we edit?

We will provide one round of edits for the audio and one round of edits for the video. Make as many as you like. Additional rounds of edits are billed per hour. Parents can share the audio with voice teachers, friends and family. We email editing sheets to help you identify and describe the changes you want to make. Parents need to listen for effects such as reverb, pitch correction, or any sound effects they want to add or remove.

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